About Us

Zahara Co-Working Space is a dynamic and innovative hub for professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create a thriving community that fosters productivity and collaboration by providing top-notch amenities and a supportive environment for success.

About Our Co-working Place

Welcome to Zahara Co-Working Space, where innovation and collaboration come together in a dynamic work environment. Our journey began with a simple idea – to provide professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with a flexible, cost-effective, and productive place to work.

At Zahara, we believe that traditional workplaces can be transformed into vibrant hubs of creativity and productivity. We’re committed to nurturing a thriving community of professionals who support and inspire each other.

Our co-working spaces are thoughtfully designed to offer everything you need for a successful workday, from high-speed Wi-Fi to well-equipped meeting rooms and a convenient kitchenette. We’re not just providing offices; we’re offering a platform for your success.

Join our community and experience a new way of working. Zahara Co-Working Space is not just a place; it’s a mindset that embraces progress, collaboration, and innovation.

Our Team

“Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your work experience at Zahara Co-Working Space is nothing short of exceptional.”

Edgar Mwalimu Njiru


Consolata Waithera

Marketing Manager

Space to make your
greatest impact.

“Zahara Co-Working Space: Your Canvas to Create, Collaborate, and Make Your Greatest Impact.”

What Our Customers Say

Shadrack, M (Nairobi, Kenya)

"As the owner of IdealWebMaker.com and an IT professional, my experience at Zahara Co Work has been exceptional. The space combines cutting-edge technology with a vibrant community, fostering creativity and productivity. It's become my preferred workspace for efficient work and networking with like-minded professionals. I highly recommend Zahara Co Work for those looking to elevate their professional environment."

Jose, M (Nairobi, Kenya)

"Zahara Co Work has redefined the way I work and network. The modern, creative atmosphere, attention to detail, and sense of community make it an inspiring place for freelancers like me. The top-notch amenities and tech infrastructure ensure seamless and efficient work. It's been a game-changer for my freelance design business, leading to exciting projects and valuable connections."

Albright,N. (Nairobi, Kenya)

"Zahara Co Work provides an inspiring and calming environment that enhances productivity. The diverse community of professionals offers excellent networking opportunities, and the friendly staff and top-notch amenities make it an ideal workspace for personal and professional growth."